Kawoolutions [kʰavuˈluːʃənz]

This is the website of Karsten Wutzke, a freelance software developer and consultant based in Germany. I offer IT solutions ranging from requirement analysis, relational and object-oriented system design to the implementation of database-driven web and desktop applications. I also have experience in business process management and user interface design.

While I have done a few things with PHP and other languages in the past, I specialize in ISO/ANSI SQL (most notably MySQL), Java, Java EE technologies (JPA, Hibernate/EclipseLink, EJB, CDI, JSF, Facelets etc.), RichFaces, JBoss Seam, and Swing today.

On this website I manage stuff related to the above technologies. The following sub sections are available:

  • Technology:

    The Technology section contains a number of articles around the technology I use: SQL databases, Java, JPA/Hibernate/EclipseLink, JSF/Facelets, JBoss Seam, and others.

  • SQL Database Design:

    This is a rather lengthy guide to SQL database systems MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SQL Server that has become so large that it deserved its own category (printed 100+ pages DIN A4).

    It's intended to be a guide directed towards intermediate to advanced users who have been looking for answers to low-level design questions rather than the theory that "expert" guides usually present. Chances are you might find something useful here, as I use this as a reference myself.

    Note this guide is far from perfect, so if you find something that's inaccurate, obsolete, or simply plain wrong, just contact me. I'm always happy to receive feedback on how to improve.

  • Projects:

    My projects page contains a number of public and non-public endeavors. Here you can find a number of MySQL Workbench plugins, an SQL keyword checker, a JPA/Seam demo web project, and a few other things. Just have a look around.

Please use the navigation to choose your area of interest.

Note: If you're interested in my freelance profile just contact me via the contact form.

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