This page contains a list of projects that I maintain or ones that I (have) contribute(d) to. Some of the projects here are finished and some are still in development.

Here's the list of projects:

  • Basketball Stats:

    A fully featured basketball statistics database. I used this as a reference project to validate my paper on SQL Database Design. I have furthermore implemented a JavaEE web application using JPA/Hibernate, JBoss Seam, JSF/Facelets, and RichFaces.

  • JPA Export:

    A MySQL Workbench plugin written in Python that generates Java-annotated classes given a number of interdependent options. Please visit the project home for more information.

  • Constraint Name Generator:

    A MySQL Workbench plugin that generates foreign key names based on the interconnecting tables. It furthermore names unique constraints based on being single- or multi-column.

  • SQL Keyword Checker:

    A tool that checks for SQL keywords in several DBMSs. It was obviously inspired by Pete Freitag's tool, but I consider my tool a slight improvement. Just see for yourself.

  • Java IRC Chat Client:

    A mutlilingual, look'n'feel-aware IRC chat client implemented in Java/Swing. It can easily be extended to support any chat or cam protocols.

If you're interested in any of my projects or have technical questions about them, just contact me.