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Java IRC Chat Client

I've developed a full-fledged, multilingual, look'n'feel-aware IRC chat and cam client in Java and Swing.

Here's what it looks like in a test environment (Substance Look'n'Feel, theme Challenger Deep):

Preview of IRC chat client (including open webcam)
Preview of IRC chat client (including one open webcam window)

The software currently features:

  • Multiple concurrent chat tabs
  • Multiple concurrent, togglable cam windows
  • Allowed actions depending on membership types (free, basic, silver, and gold) and IRC level
  • IRC levels "owner" (magenta), "operator" (red) and "temp operator" (orange)
  • Admin levels "admin" and "super admin"
  • Mute other users (operators only)
  • Ignore other users (all users)
  • Operator commands kick and ban (per chat room, temp operators and up only)
  • Chat entry times
  • Optional chat join/leave, cam on/off, and other notifications
  • Optional chat message times
  • Regex-based smiley and symbol parser and automatic insertion of images (copyable as text)
  • Language configurable on-the-fly
  • Look'n'Feel configurable on-the-fly

If you're interested in a customized version of this client, please contact me.

Status: inactive