In this section I write about SQL Databases and all kinds of Java technologies like JPA/Hibernate, JSF/Facelets, etc. Please select an area of interest from the navigation to the left or below.

  • SQL Databases:

    Articles about relational databases and SQL, mostly SQL database design topics.

  • Java:

    Currently just contains my Java code conventions.

  • JPA, Hibernate, and Co.:

    All kinds of technical stuff about JPA, JPA implementations (Hibernate, EclipseLink, ...), JPQL, and related technologies.

  • JSF/Facelets:

    JSF articles including Facelets, expression language (EL), and others.

  • JBoss Seam:

    Stuff specific to JBoss Seam, like the Seam lifecycle, JBoss EL, annotations, and others.

This section is currently undergoing a major overhaul. Please be patient.